Mr. Evangelista has over 20 years of experience in the project management of design and construction of structures of various complexities.  He has worked on dwelling units, commercial, educational, industrial, bridges, high-rise buildings, governmental and airport facilities.

    Mr. Evangelista has obtained his BSCE  degree in 1968 from Mapua Institute of  Technology. He also has taken various post graduate courses in California. 

    Mr. Evangelista has worked  as civil and structural engineer, senior structural engineer, chief structural engineer and CEO for various engineering companies.  His experiences with other firms included a five year employment in California with DMJM as senior structural engineer / project engineer for large scale and major projects.  He has also acted as CEO for DEV and Associates, Inc. for five years.

   Mr. Evangelista has founded E&A Engineers, Inc. in 1986. Currently, E&A has offices in California,  in the U.S. Territory of Guam, the Northern Mariana Island and the Philippines.  

    He  is a registered structural engineer  (S.E.) and professional engineer (Civil) in California, Guam, and Commonwealth of Northern Marianas Islands.  He is also a registered professional civil engineer in the Philippines.


Guam International Airport Terminal         
    Guam. Approximate cost: $ 30 million

Guam International Airport Addition
    Guam. Approximate cost: $ 350 million

Rota Airport

Bufarik Air base

Nasa Solid Rocket Processing Plant
    Florida.  Approximate cost: $ 10 million

IN-N-OUT Processing Plant
    Baldwin Park, Ca. Approximate cost: $ 4 million

Agana Beach Condo (11 storey)
    Guam. Approximate cost: $ 15 million

Columbus Tower (21 level)

Guam Capital Building Evaluation (10 storey)

Encino Terrace Center (10 level)
    Encino, Ca. Approximate cost: $ 100 million

Marina Island Center (10 storey)
    Marina del Rey, California

Riviera Plaza Hotel (17 storey)

Hamilton Hotel (10 level)
    Guam. Approximate cost: $ 6 million

Bay View Hotel ( 26 storey)
    Guam. Approximate cost: $ 50 million

Royal Suites Inn (6 level)
    Los Angeles California

RedLine Yards and Shop
    4000 ft. Tunnels and Substations
     Los Angeles, California.

Blueline (28 miles)
    Approximate cost: $ 900 million

Island -Wide Bridge Evaluation (30 bridges)

Agana and Pago River Bridges

Sunny Slope Apartments (192 units)

Montefino Condominiums (560 units)
     Diamond Bar, California

Manila Terrace Center (30 units)

Guam Correctional Facility
    Guam.  Approximate cost: $ 10 million

Andersen Youth Center
    Andersen AFB. Approximate cost: $ 2.4 million

Balboa Community Center
    San Fernando California. Approximate cost: $ 3 million

Escondido City Hall
    Escondido, California.  Approximate cost: $ 14 million

Health Centers Seismic Evaluation & Assessments (22 sites)

Magic Mountain Computer TI Computer Center & Pavilion

DPW Hazardous Storage Facilities
    Los Angeles California.

Egremont School
    Chatsworth. Approximate cost: $ 2 million

Various VA Projects
    Loma Linda, California.

Various Projects (open end)
    Andersen AFB, Guam

Various School Projects

Various Churches, Shopping Malls, and Apartments

Various Single and Multi-Family Housing Projects
Various Seismic Evaluation and Upgrading Projects

Various URM Projects


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